This is the scale we use to rank how hard a demon is. Please do not edit a demon's difficulty rating; they will all be discussed in the forum.

The Ranks

The difficulty increases from 1 to 10, with 1 being demons that should never have been demon, and 10 being demons that are nearly impossible to complete.

Example levels (WIP list)

1 (very easy): The Nightmare, The Lightning Road

2 (very easy/easy): Sky Realm, Crescendo

3 (easy): Clubstep, Laser Room

4 (easy/medium): Theory of Everything 2, The Mechanism

5 (medium): Insert Coin, Decode

6 (medium/hard): Ditched Machine, Extreme Fantasy

7 (hard): Breakthrough, Theory of SkriLLex

8 (hard/very hard): Nine Circles, ToE II v2

9 (very hard): Deadly Clubstep, Acropolis

10 (extremely hard): Cataclysm, The Ultimate Phase